Pennant Software Pty Ltd allows for a period of twelve months from the original date of purchase that a particular Story and the acquire-vocab app will achieve substantial function similar to that described in the supporting documentation. If a particular Story cannot be operated due to a fault in the function of the Story itself, or due to issues identified as those of the acquire-vocab app itself, it is requested that end-users contact Pennant Software Pty Ltd. In the event of an unresolvable issue with an individual Story or within acquire-vocab itself, Pennant Software Pty Ltd will provide a full refund of the price paid for the affected content. However, Pennant Software Pty Ltd continues to develop and expand the functionality of acquire-vocab in an ongoing ‘software as a service’ capacity. As such, the application and its subsequent operation by the end-user are not claimed by Pennant Software Pty Ltd to be free of error or interruption. A refund will not be offered in the event that an update is provided that remedies the experienced issue. End-users requiring refunds may be required to follow any guidelines outlined by the operating body behind their chosen purchase platform.

All enquiries will be considered by a member of Pennant Software’s customer service team.

Please provide any and all supporting documentation relevant to your enquiry, up to and including screenshots and error codes, that may assist our team in reproducing your reported issue. Additionally, please provide some general information reporting the manufacturer, operating system, system software version and network carrier of your device to assist in isolating any congruent factors, as well as details proving your initial purchase.