Learn Spanish the Acquire-Vocab way

Our busy modern lives may once have turned you away from learning a second language, fearing that it may be too complex or require too intense of a commitment.

acquire-vocab is the much-needed solution.

Through acquire-vocab's diverse range of purpose-built texts, our platform will provide you with the tools enabling for you to communicate, speak and understand the Spanish language. Our structured daily exercises deliver pedagogically-driven learning opportunities designed around being incorporated to your existing routine with ease. Watch as your reported progress takes shape and as the challenges seem simpler to overcome - the learning takes place from the very first moment.

Achieve your goals with Acquire-Vocab

Be introduced to individual words and their meanings

Control Your Journey as your recollection develops

Understand words presented in their real-world contexts

Undergo revision exercises to improve your learning

Support for testing to assist educators

Learning Built Upon Storytelling

acquire-vocab provides a story-based approach to learning the Spanish language. Our custom-built material will expose learners to real-world examples and contexts for their acquire vocabulary. This stress-free approach builds upon existing native language skills, allowing for the development of a learner's understanding in a stress-free environment, powered by their imaginative processes. By taking part in acquire-vocab's daily exercises, learners will acquire knowledge on a progressive basis.

Tourists in Madrid

A complete course designed for learning the Spanish language. Follow the Martin family as they holiday across Spain, including time spent in the capital of Madrid.

Acquire-Vocab: an effective way to learn Spanish

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