Terms and Conditions

Use and operation of the acquire-vocab application, developed and supplied by Pennant Software Pty Ltd, is subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions must be agreed upon by the end-user prior to undertaking operation of the software. Therefore, any such operation will be considered to be the end-user consenting to the following terms and conditions.

1. acquire-vocab is provided through Apple, Inc.’s App Store and Google LLC’s Google Play as free to install. Use of the app is permitted in a trial capacity without prior payment.

2. In-app purchases are made available to the end-user in the form of Stories, which expand upon acquire-vocab’s language learning capabilities. A limited trial is available for many of these Stories. These limited trials do not restrict functionality of the acquire-vocab app, instead limiting the range of content available for end-users to access within the Story. There is no warranty associated with trialling a Story.

3. acquire-vocab collects end-user suggestions in the form of in-app feedback functionality and through our customer service platforms. Pennant Software Pty Ltd will provide a license at no cost for a single Story in the event that a user’s suggested feedback is accepted and implemented into a later release of the Story or of the acquire-vocab app.

4. A license to access all of the sections in a Story may be purchased from Pennant Software Pty Ltd, subject to the end-user’s preferred choice of platform. This is a non-exclusive license to download and operate a singular named Story on an end-user’s designated device.

5. Pennant Software Pty Ltd allows for a period of twelve months from the original date of purchase that a particular Story and the acquire-vocab app will achieve substantial function similar to that described in the supporting documentation. If a particular Story cannot be operated due to a fault in the function of the Story itself, or due to issues identified as those of the acquire-vocab app itself, it is requested that end-users contact Pennant Software Pty Ltd. In the event of an unresolvable issue with an individual Story or within acquire-vocab itself, Pennant Software Pty Ltd will provide a full refund of the price paid for the affected content. However, Pennant Software Pty Ltd continues to develop and expand the functionality of acquire-vocab in an ongoing ‘software as a service’ capacity. As such, the application and its subsequent operation by the end-user are not claimed by Pennant Software Pty Ltd to be free of error or interruption. A refund will not be offered in the event that an update is provided that remedies the experienced issue. End-users requiring refunds may be required to follow any guidelines outlined by the operating body behind their chosen purchase platform.

6. Pennant Software Pty Ltd will provide support at no extra charge to end-users for three months following the purchase of any in-app content, beginning at the original purchase date. This support is limited to matters relating to issues experienced during initialisation and operation of the acquire-vocab application or its expansion content.

7. Under no circumstances will Pennant Software Pty Ltd be liable to the purchaser, or any other person, for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any character, and will not be liable for any damage in excess of the original purchase price paid for any in-app content.

8. You may not rent, lease, circumvent or redistribute the acquire-vocab app or any purchased content, up to and including decompiling, reverse-engineering or disassembling the work of Pennant Software Pty Ltd and its associated agents.

9. Title, ownership and intellectual property rights associated with the acquire-vocab application and its downloadable content remain the sole property of Pennant Software Pty Ltd and/or its suppliers. The application and its downloadable content are protected by copyright law, prohibiting the reproduction of any supporting documentation except for personal immediate use.

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