Gamification techniques used in Acquire-Vocab keep users coming back to learn more!

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Gamification Techniques

acquire-vocab utilises gamification techniques proven to support ongoing learning. Our interactive application provides learners with exposure to material and subsequent revision exercises. The quick feedback provided in these testing environments allows for learners to improve their understanding using a score-based system. As their skills improve, so too will their results.

Maintaining an interest in learning material is key to keeping learners interested in extending their skills, a mantra by which all acquire-vocab material adheres to. As learners are taught a new slate of terms to learn, this knowledge will be extended through exposure to a bespoke text containing those terms. This text, developed in the language sought to be acquired, boasts an immersive environment that will keep learners wanting to find out what happens next.

Gamification Techniques

This process has close ties with the structure of the language acquisition program powering acquire-vocab, and provides an environment for learners where they are able to receive positive reinforcement as they become more equipped, while also sustains their interest through entertaining material.

Following their exposure to visual and thought-based understanding of the terms, learners will be offered the chance to practice verbalising their newly-acquired vocabulary. Learners who take part in repeating this exercise, comparing themselves against the recorded pronunciation provided by a native speaker, will achieve the best results. This process ushers learners toward a self-reported testing environment, where varied simple (and later complex) spelling tests progress into more challenging listening and comprehension tests.

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